Discussion Points

Discussion Points

Jun 07
  1. ‘Little Red-Cap’ (pp. 3-4). If the wolf represents the male poet ‘reading his verse out loud’ (line 7), how does Duffy rewrite the fairy tale to tell her story of developing her individual poetic voice?
  2. ‘Anne Hathaway’ (p. 30). How does the monologue connect the world of Shakespeare’s wife with the world of the contemporary reader? How would you describe her ideas of femininity and of partnership here?
  3. ‘Mrs Aesop’ (p. 19). Here the wife speaks back with humorous assertion: to what extent does her self-empowerment appeal to a twenty-first century reader?
  4. In what ways does Duffy combine literary references and devices with allusions to popular culture? Do you think the poems reach a broad readership?
  5. Which poem engages you most and why?

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  1. Mark de Groot

    re qu 5…
    easily the most engaging poem for me is Mrs Darwin (P20)

    All in the collection are short, witty and draw you in….but in their trip to the zoo this poem at least holds out, for me, the hope and expectation that Mr & Mrs Darwin did actually enjoy each other’s company. For a while at least!

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